Other Program CDs


1) VC#.NET In Easy Steps.


2) VB.NET In Easy Steps.


KTS InfoTech has already launched various application softwares catering to various needs of customers. Some of them are given below.


Click Here for a Larger Image 1) MoneyCare + : MoneyCare + is basically an application which can be used for tracking  income and expenses of individuals /shops/ companies. MoneyCare + is designed and developed with an eye on the common man's view of an accounting package. That is, MoneyCare + is an accounting system that is free from the basic complexities of accountancy. This package is very easy to use yet very powerful in ones day to day money dealings. 


Click Here for a Larger Image 2) VideoManager + : VideoManager + is an inexpensive software package for video rental stores. This software is ideal for those video shops where the rental, buying and selling of video and video related items is happening. The user-friendliness of this package ensures that you  need little or no training to use it.  A basic understanding of Windows is all that is required. 


Click Here for a Larger Imageb) SalesMate + : SalesMate + is a general purpose software package to handle day to day operations of all the shops in general. 


Given below are some of the third party utility softwares which will be very useful for using this content CD very effectively.


1) WinZip : WinZip brings the convenience of Windows to the use of Zip files and other compression formats, and is available in separate versions for both Windows 95/98/NT (32-bit) and Windows 3.1 (16-bit).

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